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February 15, 2017


Ann Harrison

I did my blocks in black, white, grey, and red. I am really happy about how they turned out and have learned a lot about contrast.

Janet Kilford

I have really enjoyed being part of this amazing adventure in quilting and several of my friends have been making the blocks also. I have done all 100 plus 16 bonus blocks. I love the variety of techniques. I have learned the value of spray starch, scant seams and unpicking when necessary to increase accuracy. Janet in Adelaide.

Sharon Jones

I am yet to start the Splendid Sampler Quilt, currently working on Lucy Boston and the Insanity Quilt.
Think I will will to start though, before I finish these.

Carol Markham

Hello. I'm like you about 40 blocks in using Civil War fat quarters - this is fabric outside my comfort zone but I'm getting used to picking my colours and enjoying the process. Life halted my progress in the summer and beyond but I have been collecting each week the patterns and will make a start to add to my blocks. I have found a love of paper piecing from this great group and seeing individual "takes" on the blocks has been a pleasure.
Thank you

Jean Blythe

I've made about a third of the blocks and I do plan on finishing them! It's been great fun seeing the different ways people have interpreted the blocks.

Corinne in Forks, WA, USA

Thank you for your participation!
I've enjoyed "meeting" you.
I'm NOT in Australia, but wish I had been a quilter when I visited there 20-odd years ago! [I did pick up some great Aussie yarn then.]
Good luck to the Aussie contestants.

Susan Porteus

Only completed 5 blocks, with one I'm not happy with, I'll need a do over for that one. can't wait for some time to continue on this journey, waiting for my book. Thanks for this amazing journey, I just love seeing all the variations in the colours. WOnderful job Pam, Jane, Gail and all designers. Thank you Susan

Toni Kenyon

I'm so excited to do a class next week on FMQ than I can start to put them together!


Hi Gail. What a great experience. I haven't completed 100 but around 70 is ok for me. I may still make more dependsing on how my 2 small quilts come together. I'm putting together one half for my sister in England and the other half for myself.
Thanks for your block. Do you agree that every single one on Facebook, Instagram and on websites looks amazing?

Christine Camm

So glad we have an Australian designer involved in this project. I am a newbie to the craft, and have found much inspiration from the designs and blocks made by the group. Thank you. Cheers, Chris

Judy Tillott

I spent so much time admiring everyone's work before I got the courage to admit I can do this too. So I'm new to the game but I absolutely love your block Gail. Looking forward to putting all new skills and techniques together into a wonderful quilt for my king bed

Margaret Young

I haven't yet started the blocks but have all the tutorials waiting patiently in 2 binders. I just sat back and watched everyone else's blocks develop. An amazing journey and some very talented quilters out there in the quilting world.

Christine M

Hi Gail. I finished my first block by Jennifer Reynolds on our cruise. Then made a start on my second one, your block! So you've done a lot better than me! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Yvonne Paton

What a wonderful journey we have been on. We have learned and practiced many new skills. Thakyou

Janet Ward

Thank you Gail Pan for being one of the great Designers of the Splendid Sampler Quilt along! I have had great fun! I am not from Australia, and know I can't win from your site, I just wanted to say a special thank you!!

Linda Nielson

I've finished 33 blocks and love a good challenge so I plan on finishing the rest.


Thanks for your block Gail - it was lovely. I have completed the project - almost... still finishing off the last block which was the "hawaiian" applique, block 98. I came upon this project through your blog, so thank you. It has been a fantastic journey. A quilter of 16 years can still learn new things :)


I have only recently joined the Splendid Sampler group and I'm so inspired by all the wonderful blocks and quilts! I'm just doing my first block. Its a wonderful project. Thank you for your beautiful design.

Janet Sockett

I've done about 40 blocks as I work full-time time but will keep on doing them, I am doing the applique blocks by hand while I watch TV at night, its been lovely to see all the blocks and talk to people from all over the world that has kept me motivated to keep doing them as well

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