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August 06, 2016



I think that is why I stopped. I should have given my permission to skip and do less. Even 100 overwhelmed me.


So beautiful blocks in blue! I am behind too, but it is great to make the blocks whenever there is some time, or even just those I really want to make, lol!


I have done 40, delayed due to injury but I will catch up. Thank you for your gifts and generosity.

Jill Evans

Gail somehow I missed this, is it possible to still get the block patterns?


Love you designs. Will be looking for you in my quilt shop because of the splendid sampler project. One of my favs!


I made my Splendid in all colors but really like your blue. Thanks for being a designer!

Diane Oakes

Love your blue blocks. I haven't started yet, but love the idea of one color choice. Thanks for sharing.


I haven't started yet, but love seeing all the colors people are using. Turns out blues are my favorite, now I can start using my blues.


Gail, Thanks for sharing. Love your completed blocks. I was daunted by the embroidery blocks but was determined to at least try and I now find them to be my favorites! I have only completed 1-25, but I am looking forward to your block when I get there!!! Thanks!

Lori Smanski

i love the colors you are using on your sampler quilt. I am trailing a bit.


I love your color choices. I decided when I started this that I would only use fabrics from my stash. So mine is very scrappy.
I've done 49.

Liz Dyer

This has been a fun journey. I am skipping the blocks that require handwork as the arthritis in my hands won't let me make them.

Jeannine Wight

Thanks to blocks like yours, im embroidering now and teaching a little 12 year old girl to learn with me! I love your block.

Cindy Dickinson

Your block is one of my favorites. Thanks for adding to the fun!

Christy Miller

Hi Gail, Sure I am behind, not much, and when summer busy season is over I will catch up or not. :) I am not a woman that liked embroidery. Love the look, not the doing. Anyway, I committed to doing all the blocks in 2 colorways so I will have 2 quilts. One for me and one for granddaughter. I admit that the stitching is awkward and my patience runs thin, but I am doing it. And bless my soul, found out I like it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


I was hooked on the Splendid journey from the beginning-
Love all of the variety of techniques and am completely hooked on the embroidery. Thanks so much for the lovely design, such fun!

MaryJean Bower

I love your choice of the blues. Very pretty. I finished 19 blocks. Taking it slow and steady in between other projects.

Gloria Pope

I love all the blues. Brilliant!

Linda Andrews

I love the opportunity to try different techniques in little bits.


I'm a little behind,but I will do all the 100. But I skip the fare that is.
I love your block. Not all finish yet...but I work on it.
Love your blue blocks.


Love your colors!!

Karen Seitz

Your blocks are stunning!


Your SS block is beautiful. With hand problems I am working on a way to stitch it by machine because definitely I want it included in my quilt.

Pati Cook

I am enjoying the Splendid Sampler blocks. like doing all the different techniques. Thank you.

Mary D

Love the blue blocks. I love blue but it is one color that is lacking in my stash. I know how to embroider but it is not my passion. If it cannot be done by sewing machine, I probably will not be doing it. I love my sewing machine way too much and really don't want them to feel slighted. :)

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