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June 30, 2014


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see you there my friend.xx

Christine B.

Wish I was close enough to come! Hope you have a great workshop! I'll have to make some projects from your Simply Christmas 2014 book instead!! :)xx

Nancy in Utah

Hi Gail! Sounds like you have another excellent workshop planned!!!
I can't wait to see your new Christmas patterns and pictures from the day, I can always close my eyes and pretend I was there too, LOL. Hope all is great with your family. I think I already told you Jake, our oldest Grandson is getting married the 22nd of July. They have been a couple for over 7 years now, high school sweethearts and the last 3 years a long distance relationship with him 2500 miles away in the Air Force with never a problem. Hope their marriage goes as smoothly, LOL. Well, I've rambled enough, I know your on the run constantly. Sending Hugs from across the pond. Bob also says hellow and say hi to Sandra for us.

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