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January 07, 2009


Erika Richan

I don't think blogland will be overload with shuch nice BOM's and your designs are always great. Thank you for sharing with the world!


Thank you for the 1st mth of your BOM. I look forward to collecting them all as I am positive it will be wonderful.


The BOM looks great, can't wait to see more. I'll definately be adding this to my "to do" list. Never to early to think of Christmas as it always seems to arrive before you are prepared for it. Thanks for the BOM


Thanks for this lovely block and a very happy new year for you and your family.
Catherine (France)

Jo in TAS

Can never have too many BOMs! Thank-you for sharing it with us!

Perri Dixon

Thanks for another great BOM.

Happy stitching,


Can't wait to get started. I might have to do one for my little sis too and surprise her at the end. D. :=)


Oh, this is lovely Gail. One can never have too many Christmas quilts.I have mentioned it in my lastest post. The sneak peek looks lovely too.


Merci pour ce bien sympathique BOM. Quel plaisir !!!
J'en profite pour te présenter tous mes voeux à l'occasion de cette nouvelle année qui s'annonce bien prometteuse...


How fun. I love free BOM's.
I will love to stitch it.
Thanks. :-)


Thank you Gail, for this cute BOM. For me it´s the favorite one this year. I´ll love to stitch it!


All ways room for another BOM. A couple of mine (not free ones though) are coming to an end so am looking to start collecting another one or two. Mind you I am not up to date on any of them so I really shouldn't be starting another one but I will anyway.


Your BOM looks wonderfull, thanks for your work and I'll collect them all. Can't wait to see the whole quilt you've made!

May Britt

I have printed this now and will start right away. Think this will be my work today home from work with the flu.


What a generous person you are for the BOM. Thinking of Christmas, no way haven't got over the last one yet.


It`s a wonderful start of the new year. I have to print it out and start immediately. Thanks a lot!


Thank you for the new BOM! I look forward to stitching it!

Robyn Brown

Wow Gail, that is just so nice of you!! I can't wait to get started. What fun to do this together. Thank you so much for sharing that with us.


Happy New Year Gail.....thanks for the free BOM and hopefully I will be able to keep up with it and have a new quilt for Christmas!


Thanks for this lovely block.
I will love to stitch it.
This BOM one will be my first work, for my Blog.



Oh, what a great BOM! And I dont think the internet will be overloaded! :D
It was my mum who led me here, and Im so glad. I think it will be a great quilt!
And its not to earlie to think about xmas! :D


simone de klerk

Thank you so much, for this wonderful BOM! I just love your patterns. They make me feel happy, so ... I think I'll start this one. A good project to begin tomorrow, even though I have many others to finish.
Looking forward to the next one!


I have the first block printed - and am very much looking forward to do the stitchery.
Thank you very very much Gail :-)
A stitcher can never work on to many BOMs, right ? ;-)

amy (sew~amy)

looks wonderful. can't wait.


Your designs are beautiful!
I´ll link to your bom an my bom side!
Happy stitching

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